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Bore Cleaner

Wilson Combat® Bore Cleaner was developed to clean copper fouling from large bore military weapons.

  • Quickly Removes Copper Fouling
  • Contains No Ammonia

Ultima-Lube II Bore Cleaner will remove the toughest of copper fouling. Unlike ammonia based cleaners, Ultima-Lube II Bore Cleaner will not etch or hurt the metal of the bore and there is no need to neutralize Ultima-Lube II Bore Cleaner as is necessary with ammonia based products. Ultima-Lube II Bore Cleaner contains no synthetics and has been extensively field tested and is proven to improve accuracy. Adding the Ultima-Lube II system consisting of Ultima-Lube II Carbon Remover, Ultima-Lube II Bore Polish and Ultima-Lube II lubricants will keep your firearm function at it's best.


Soak patch with Ultima-Lube II Bore Cleaner and apply to the bore using slow, complete (full length of bore), even strokes (approximately 5 to 10 passes). Repeat with fresh patches until fouling is removed. Flush residue left by Ultima-Lube II Bore Cleaner with solvent and pass through the bore. Continue this procedure until a clean patch is achieved. Inspect the firearm, if copper fouling is seen, repeat the process. Because Ultima-Lube II Bore Cleaner does not contain ammonia, it will not turn patches green or blue. Instead, look for gold or brown streaks on the patch. After the firearm is determined to be clean use Ultima-Lube II Bore Polish to smooth out any imperfections the bore may have. As a last step, always use Ultima-Lube II Grease, Universal or Oil to protect your firearm from rust and pitting.

WARNING: This product can expose you to chemicals including petroleum products, which are known to the State of California to cause cancer and reproductive harm. For more information go to

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Best Bore Cleaner I have Ever Used!
When it comes to cleaning my guns I do not compromise, which is why I only use WC Bore Cleaner. Not only does it do a magnificent job of removing the typical fouling associated with modern ammunition, it removes copper fouling with ease and without all the mess that other products designed to remove copper fouling cause. Other products use ammonia to remove the copper, and the ammonia must then be neutralized with other products. Its an unnecessary hassle. Wilsons Bore cleaner does it all in one easy step. Why is this important? If you shoot jacketed bullets and then shoot lead bullets without removing the copper jacket fouling, the copper residue in the bore will hold onto minute pieces of the lead bullet as it travels down the bore eventually causing an excessive buildup of lead, resulting in reduced accuracy. Wilsons Bore Cleaner effectively removes all fouling with ease. I will not use anything else.
Great stuff, viscosity is nice n thick, it stays where you want it. High quality bore cleaner. The best Ive used.
Ultima-Lube II Weapons Lubricant
This stuff is amazing. It exceeds advertised benefits. and is far better than Break-Free lubricant. My 1911 performs flawlessly when lubricated with Ultima-Lube II. I strongly recommend it for serious firearm shooters. I definetly will buy this product again.

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