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Our oversize bolt release is designed to assist you in the fastest possible reloads with your tactical rifle.

  • Oversize To Allow Faster Reloads
  • Fully Serrated Pad
  • Easy To Install
  • Fits All Standard Configuration AR-15 Style Rifles

Our oversize bolt release is designed to assist you with the fastest possible reloads in your tactical rifle. Fully serrated and CNC machined out of bar stock steel for maximum durability, the bolt stop is also easy to install. The oversize bolt stop also works well for shooting your rifle while wearing gloves. Fits all standard configuration AR-15 style rifles.

NOTE: The Extended/Oversize Bolt Release cannot be installed on the Wilson Combat BILLet Receivers.

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Really nice!
Excellent! Just wish it came with the plunger and spring or at least ask me if I want to purchase one. Most people are probably replacing an existing one but for those doing a new build like me it was just another thing I have to order and wait for. Please add to the description “this does NOT come with spring and plunger”.
Outstanding Upgrade
This is an outstanding upgrade for your AR. It is significantly easier to close the bolt with this bolt release compared to the typically small bolt releases found on most rifles. This bolt release allows for faster and easier magazine changes and for unmistakable bolt closure, regardless of conditions (day, night, rain, snow). Like everything made by Wilson, this is a high quality upgrade part, made from ordnance steel. It is a very worthwhile addition to any AR.
Stag 3TL
I have one arm. This is my first and only AR. Wilson AR grips will look awesome. I have a feeling this bolt release will not work. I will show it to my gun Smith. I forgot about the brass ejecting on the left side. I am going to bless one of the hard workers at my gun shop. I wanted a lefty Wilson AR. I had to go with Stag. My Stag had a bent firing pin , before I ever shot it. Wilson is the best , I can not stand gas in my face. I recommend all Wilson products.
How did I get along without it?
Once you install and use this device your first thought may be: how come all ARs dont come stock with this?
The Best Bolt Release Available...Period.
The fit, finish, and function is perfect...and the button position is adjustable allowing custom clearance from the receiver.
Best when gloved
Found that this design help a whole lot with gloves on, Must have for awesomeness factor and function!
Beautiful practicality.
This product looks great and makes engaging the paddle a breeze. Quick and easy to install. Thanks WC!
Great way to customize your AR.
After upgrading many original parts of my Smith & Wesson M&P for Wilson Combat, this was the perfect accessory to brand my AR as a rifle that had been improved with Wilson quality parts. It functions well too. Thanks Wilson Combat!
Roll Pin Starter Punch
See, you learn something new everyday. Ive struggled with roll pins for years. Now I know why. I must buy a Roll Pin Starter punch today.

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