Apex Tactical, M&P Ultimate Striker Block (USB) Kit

Apex Tactical, M&P Ultimate Striker Block (USB) Kit
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Detailed Description

The Apex Ultimate Striker Block Kit was designed to work in conjunction with our Hard Sear. The geometry and dimensions of our striker safety plunger differs from the factory part to yield a exceptionally smooth takeup before the trigger bar engages the sear cam. Our design also minimizes drag on the trigger bar as it transitions to the reset point. The secondary benefit is a more detectable trigger reset.

The striker safety plunger is made of heat treated 17-4 ph stainless steel  for wear resistance and mirror polished for minimal drag. The kit also includes a reduced power plunger spring that maintains the necessary safety values while reducing drag and lift resistance.

IMPORTANT NOTE: "All Service and Warranty Issues Must Be Directed To Manufacturer."


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