Aimpoint (ACO) Carbine Optic, 2 MOA, Standard Mount

Aimpoint (ACO) Carbine Optic, 2 MOA, Standard Mount
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This optic is every bit as good as those costing twice as much. The lenses are as clear as can be, it's extremely well made and is ready to mount right out of the box. So many new optics are way too small for serious use, but this one is just right, and the price is really nice. You can pay a lot more for an optic of this type, but why? This will handle your needs with ease. Great product. After all, it is an Aimpoint.
- B. Huger, GA
Its Aimpoint what more do you need to know. 6/7/2017
Ill say from the outset I didnt purchase my Aimpoint ACO from WC but that is simply because they dont offer any quick mount for it. Something to think about WC. This optic is through and through Aimpoint dont let the WC price fool you. Ive ran the Comp4MS on a previous Windham Weaponry M4 and I find the ACO provides everything I got from the high-end Comp4MS optic. Its true the circuitry is not the same which explains the difference in battery life and it isnt rated for submersion in water like the Comp4MS. The ACO I purchased came with a quick mount that has a spare battery compartment should the battery die so I dont require a 3 or 7-year battery life. I also dont spend much time shooting underwater so the submersion protection isnt worth a hill of beans to me. To me, the clarity of the glass and red dot are as good as my previous Comp4MS. If youre looking for a solid performer optic I highly recommend the ACO and if the factory mount fits your needs I highly recommend purchasing the ACO from the folks at Wilson Combat.
- Adam, PA