Advanced Self Defense, DVD Volume #3

Advanced Self Defense, DVD Volume #3
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DVD Video Set, Volume #3, Advanced Self Defense. Pkg. Includes: DVD Video Once you master the basics, you're ready for Advanced Self-Defense Shooting. But maybe you can't afford the expense or the time away from work to attend one of the nation's top handgun training facilities. Instead, bring the experts (Bill Wilson and Ken Hackathorn) into your home. Watch as they discuss defensive handgun strategies and demonstrate a wide variety of techniques that could mean the difference between life or death in an armed conflict. This five-tape advanced series provides the most thorough, up-to-date defensive handgun training available on video, with information designed for intermediate through advanced shooters. Running time 60 minutes each Volume 3 - Shooting from a vehicle, vehicle as cover. What to do and expect once the shooting begins Wilson Combat is proud to present our full line of tactical videos. These videos feature two of the most respected names in the self-defense shooting industry: Ken Hackathorn and Bill Wilson. Ken Hackathorn is one of the world's foremost authorities on the subject of the tactical deployment of small arms. He has trained US military special forces, FBI, and police anti-terrorist units. He's been involved in the tactical application of firearms for more than 29 years. Bill Wilson is the President, Owner, and Founder of Wilson Combat. He's an inventor, author, and champion shooter. While his background has roots in competition shooting dating back to 1974, Wilson has devoted the past 10 years exclusively to the development and application of self-defense handguns and accessories.