Adjuster Holster, Multi-Pistol, Right Hand, Black Shark

Adjuster Holster, Multi-Pistol, Right Hand, Black Shark
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Detailed Description

Featuring the versatility of a one size fits all with the performance of a custom made molded holster.

  • One Size Fits All Without Giving Up Performance For Versatility
  • 3 Adjustment Screws Custom Fit The Adjuster To A Wide Variety Of Pistols
  • Smooth, Quick Draw
  • Black Laminate Of Shark/Leather/Kevlar/Kydex Materials Is Virtually Indestructible
  • Comes With Paddle Back Piece For Easy On And Off
  • Meets I.D.P.A. Holster Criteria

Normally when you buy any product that's advertised as "one size fits all" or "multipurpose" you expect to give up performance for versatility. Fortunately this is not the case with the Wilson Combat® ADJUSTER™ model holster. By the use of three adjustment screws you can custom fit the same model of holster to a wide variety of pistols. For example, the same holster will properly fit all the following pistols: All single stack 1911 models with barrel length of 4 1/4" - 5", Para Ordnance P14, Springfield 1911A1 Hi-Cap, STI/SVI pistols, Browning Hi-Power, CZ 75, EAA Witness, S&W 4506. How can this be possible? Well it works like this. The main adjustment screw mounted on the welt moves a plastic roller (which contacts the portion of the pistol just in front of the trigger guard) closer or farther from the sight track. This allows you to adjust how much holster retention you want on the pistol. Another adjustment screw over the trigger guard allows you to adjust the holster to your pistol's specific trigger guard width and keeps the pistol from being able to twist in the holster. The final adjustment screw is located close to the muzzle and allows you to adjust out any front to rear "rock" your pistol might have. Once properly adjusted (which only takes a minute or so) your pistol will fit in the ADJUSTER™ just like it was custom molded to your gun. But one of the best features is the way your pistol will draw, smooth and quick due to the molded generous sight track and plastic roller contact. The ADJUSTER™ is supplied with a convenient and comfortable paddle which not only makes the holster easy to take on and off, it also is rock solid on your belt. An optional "ingenious" adjustable cant belt slot back piece is also available that works equally well with belts of 1" - 1 3/4" and takes only a couple of minutes to change from paddle to belt slot use. The ADJUSTER™ is available for right and left hand shooters in a black laminate of shark/leather/kevlar/kydex materials and is virtually indestructible. Meets I.D.P.A. holster criteria.

Fits The Following Handguns

  • All Single Stack 1911s with Barrel Lengths of 4 ¼" - 5"
  • Browning Hi-Power
  • CZ 75
  • EAA Witness
  • Kimber Polymer
  • Para-Ordnance P13 and P14
  • Smith & Wesson 745/4506/4566/4586
  • Springfield Armory 1911A1 Hi-Cap
  • STI/SVI with Barrel Lengths of 4 ¼" - 5"


*Note-hand molded leather holsters are often tight when new and usually require some break-in prior to use.  We recommend letting the gun sit holstered with a heavy plastic freezer bag or wax paper around it. Sitting holstered overnight will usually reduce tension.

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Versatile, Has held up well, Looks great
I bought the Wilson Combat Tiger Shark A4 paddle holster around 2001. I used it to carry a Glock 26, Full size S&W M&P .40 and a S&W 6906 off duty for thirteen years. Now as a detective it serves as my duty holster carrying a S&W M&P .40 compact.
A most comfortable holster and fine looking
Have tried many holsters and this one is the most comfortable for me. Have used it for IPSC and out in the field with a full size 1911. It does push the handgun a bit out which does make it fast on draw and the retention screws allow it to be adjusted to personal requirements. The sharkskin? Lasts forever with minimal care. Moisture is not an issue. Looks sharp.
adjuster holster
I bought two adjusters back in the late 1990s. One is for 5 inch bbl and one is a 4.25 bbl and both are left handed...fits my bul-m5 double stack and .y kimber polymer double stack..have belt system as well as over the belt system..have worked flawless: