Accu-Tac Flash Hider, 5.56 NATO

Accu-Tac Flash Hider, 5.56 NATO
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Our Accu-Tac AR flash hider sports a three-pronged external profile and our exclusive external accurizing flutes that improve muzzle harmonics over other blast dispersing brakes. These extensively tested features effectively dissipate flash and minimize muzzle signature but unlike many competitive AR muzzle devices, the Accu-Tac has no negative impact on accuracy. Hardened 4140 steel, fits standard, GI threaded AR barrels.


 Material  Hardened 4140
 Thread  1/2" - 28 TPI
 Length  1.990"
 Diameter  .865"
 Weight  2.4 oz.
 Finish  Black Matte Melonite
 Caliber  5.56x45mm / .223 Remington
 Bore Diameter  .360"

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Excellent product! 4/24/2018
When I ordered my Recon Tactical from Wilson Combat, I requested that it come with their flash-hider, as opposed to their Q-comp. Im sure the Q-comp is also a great product. But as I do almost half of my shooting at an indoor training facility, I dont prefer brakes or comps on my guns too loud. I couldnt be happier with this flash hider! The production quality is superb, just as one would expect from WC. It directs the muzzle blast away from me and generates no muzzle flash -- even in low light. Wilson Combat got this design right!
- Matt, WI
Excellent product!! 1/24/2017
I ordered this item for my AR a couple of weeks ago. I installed it as soon as it arrived. I got to shoot my rifle in reduced lighting for the first time today. I was amazed and impressed! Not only was muzzle flash non-existent, I noticed a reduction in felt recoil as well! Follow up shots were a breeze, and muzzle controllability was well above the standard A2 bird cage. Thank you for a wonderful, worthwhile product!
- William M., CO
A great product 10/29/2014
My Accu-Tach just arrived. Installation could not have been easier. Getting the A2 flash hider off my Ruger AR556 proved to be a chore. The Accu-Tachs fit and finish are all that one would expect from Wilson Combat. Will be heading out to the range this weekend for a test run.
- Thomas, LA
Accu-Tac Flash Hider > Smiths Vortex 6/24/2014
I prefer the slim, shorter profile of the Accu-Tach, looks great on my Colt 6920, no machine marks, perfect threads, smooth edges, perfect finish. This is a high quality product, highly recommended. Its also very effective, much more than the standard A2 birdcage flash hider, no flash at night.
Great quality product 1/20/2014
Wilson Combat makes quality products. I am so happy with their 47D 1911 magazines that when it came time to get a flash hider to finish my AR build I was excited to purchase the Accu-Tac. Very nice fit and finish and looks great as is the case with all the Wilson Combat products I have come across. Pros: high quality and functions as advertised. Cons: none, great product. I have recommended this flash hider to friends and encourage gun enthusiasts to purchase from Wilson Combat, you will not be disappointed!
Great flash hider!!! 1/10/2014
Just got this installed on my Armalite M15A4 carbine, and it looks fantastic! Like said before it does include the crush washer, even though the video said you dont need one. I installed it with the washer, and had no problems. The fit and finish of the flash hider is very good. Highly recommended!
- Adam Hanson, MN
Accu-Tac Flash Hider 1/8/2014
great product nice quality finish great feel no imperfections went on very smoothly no resistance at all when spinning it on by hand. , cant really give a comparison as this was my first ar-15 build but it is a great finishing point in my opinion. . pros: affordable stylish functional appealing high quality craftsmanship Cons: none except that it came with a crush washer even though the video said it doesnt need one and there were no directions for what to do with the crush washer.
- Mat S, OR
Really does its job! 7/2/2013
Ive installed just about every major manufacturers muzzle device on an AR-15 over the years. This is the FIRST one that actually could walk its talk. Good work!
Tim Jensen
Fits the bill 11/6/2012
I was looking for a flash hider/muzzle brake combo, knowing that the two properties do not exactly go hand in hand. Just got to install the accu-tac and take a few shots. Definately made a noticable difference in muzzle rise. waiting on a chance for a night shoot to see how the flash is compared to the A2. Customer service was great in talking about the product, even in comparsion to some items available elsewhere that i was considering. Note: although wilson customer service said the brake did not need indexed i did index one cut straight up, so that none of the bottom slots pushed straight into the dirt.
Great at hiding flash and not as loud! 9/24/2012
I highly recommend the Accu-Tac Flash Hider! In my case, the original muzzle brake was just way too loud. I called WC and was connected to Scott who helped diagnosis the problem, which was a pin and welded brake that I couldnt change myself. I was able to send it in and the awesome gunsmiths at WC were able to remove the brake without cutting the barrel and install the new Accu-Tac for a very affordable cost! This past weekend I put it through the test and not only did it hide the flash, but more importantly to me also reduced the compression of the gun from coming back and ringing my ears! So, if you want a great flash hider that wont bust your ears then go with the Accu-Tac! Thank you Scott in Customer Service and thank you to the great gunsmiths at Wilson Combat!! One very satisfied customer!
- Adam Frye, VA
Works as advertised 9/22/2010
I put this flashider on my barrel today, and shot it right at dark. NO FLASH...Im happy
- Tony Goddard, LA

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