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Our Accu-Tac AR flash hider sports a three-pronged external profile and our exclusive external accurizing flutes that improve muzzle harmonics over other blast dispersing brakes. These extensively tested features effectively dissipate flash and minimize muzzle signature but unlike many competitive AR muzzle devices, the Accu-Tac has no negative impact on accuracy. Hardened 4140 steel, fits standard, GI threaded AR barrels.


 Material  Hardened 4140
 Thread  5/8" - 24 TPI
 Length  1.990"
 Diameter  .865"
 Weight  2.3 oz.
 Finish  Black Matte Melonite
 Caliber  30 Caliber ( 6.8 SPC, 300 AAC Blackout, 7.62x40 WT, .308/7.62x51)
 Bore Diameter  .360"


NOTE: Will not work with the .350 Legend Barrels.

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NightVision Wonder
Have already purchased three of the .30 cal. units and have not been disappointed in any way from installation, appearance to performance. Two units are installed on custom build 6.5 Grendal AR15's while the 3rd is installedon .277 Wolverine AR15. The 4th unit about to be purchased will be installed on another AR15 in .277 Wolverine caliber. Wilson Combat Acc-Tac unit was selected based upon a two part series on flash hider performance reviews in WHICH THEY WERE NOT INCLUDED. Performance reports can be found here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6JkmWVCd674 Since my budget does not allow for the purchase of Thermal equipment on the AR's I have built, I have chosen Night Vision equipment to hunt wild hogs in Texas with my son and coyotes home here in NYS. Previous experiences with flash blinding the night vision scopes mandated a flash hider of sorts. After careful research the Wilson Combat unit is my choice. Little to no lingering flash has solved my followup shots. Wilson Combat Accu-Tac unit is by far the best of the best. 70 years old and my attitude is Hunt or Die,....
Resolved my AR10 accuracy issues.
I had a muzzle brake on an AR10 .308 build. I was occasionally getting MOA groups, but mostly all over the place. I realized it might be carbon build up between the brake and barrel, that and the brake itself. I switched to this accutac flash hider and was suddenly getting same hole groups at 100 yds and 1 at 200. I couldnt be happier. Wilson is quality.
Just got my first Accu-Tac in and installed it on my 300BLK melonite barrel. Fit and finish is PERFECT! Cant wait to get it to the range.
Used this on a .300blk and I must say it is the best flash hider made today. Zero to minimal flash signature, definitely no funny sounds, and groupings where very tight. Also, with salt bath treatments of all AR parts today, it blends nicely with a melonited rifle!
wilson accutac
This is my third one. Two on 6.8s and one on 223 .Minimal flash and on paper it has improved my groupings at the range . Very simple installation . Price is very competitive and frankly well worth it . Buy one and you will not be disappointed .
Best flash hider made - why does no one notice?
I took a chance on this flash hider since there were very few reviews. I based my purchasing decision on a combination of Wilson Combats reputation, and my own understanding of how these devices work. When it comes to muzzle devices - Im all about the flash hider - comps and brakes are obnoxious. Ive tried just about every one on the market and I can tell you that is definitely the best for these reasons: It works as well as a Smith Vortex, it doesnt sound like a tuning fork, its lighter, its shorter, and its less expensive. To me its a no-brainer. Buy one - you wont be disappointed.
Just Great
Great Flash hider well made A+
Im Very Pleased
Installed with absolutely no drama on my 6.8 AR. I would say that my groups were unaffected, but they improved dramatically over the brake I had been using. Lesson learned there. No down side to this part at all.
I have the Accu-Tac on all of my 6.8s and have found it to be a very effective flash hider. The machining is beautifully executed, and the finish is perfect. It is the only flash hider I will use on the 6.8. I highly recommend this product.
No Flash/no ringing
The AccuTac delivers No Flash performance, like its competitors, but without the ringing harmonics that plague other flash hiders of this type. No flash, and great accuracy....all my ARs are now wearing this great part!

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