Accu-Rizer Scope Mount, Aimpoint Micro, T-1/H-1

Accu-Rizer Scope Mount, Aimpoint Micro, T-1/H-1
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Detailed Description

Our exclusive Accu-Rizer Aimpoint Micro (T-1/H-1) mount is machined from Aluminum bar stock and hard-anodized to withstand years of service on your tactical AR type rifle.

  • Quick Detach Triangle Screw for Easy Attachment/Detachment in the Field
  • Spring Loaded Steel Locking Plate Ensure Repeatable Accuracy
  • 1.4” height over bore for absolute co-witness with AR iron sights
  • 2.4 ounces


The triangle quick detach screw and spring loaded, steel locking plate with internal nylon bushing allow the Accu-Rizer to be easily removed in the field by hand with a minimal loss of zero and no additional parts or hinges that can fail or require adjustment over time.

All these features add up to an extremely versatile mount, crafted with Wilson Combat's legendary attention to detail.

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