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The Ultimate Gun Lubricating Oil has arrived!  Ultima-Lube Action Oil is the perfect blend and viscosity of premium oils for high friction and high heat handguns and long guns of all action types.

Special additives have been added to produce a long-lasting lubricant that has superior resistance to heat and protects from rust and excess metal on metal wear.  These same high-pressure additives give Ultima-Lube Action-Oil special adhesive properties that ensure it adheres well to metal surfaces without adding excess drag like heavy greases.

Because of its high heat resistance, Ultima-Lube Action Oil can be used for high-volume applications like full-auto, suppressed or high round count competition firearms with little loss in performance at over 400 degrees.

  • High heat resistance ideal for high friction, high round count firearms.
  • Special Additives protect from rust, wear and enhance adhesion to metal.
  • Idea viscosity for all types of firearms.
  • Protects and Lubricates from -40 degrees to 425 degrees.


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Action Oil
Just like all the Wilson Combat Oils this Action Oil holds it's place. To me it's the only oil I think by Wilson Combat to be actual true one for all lubricant and protector for all weather conditions. Does great in extreme heat and for the viscosity for it to perform that well with high heat outside temperature 100°+ type heat and for constant firing for a MSR I would say it's going to perform just as good in extreme cold. No necessary reapplication of lube for 100 rounds or so even though you could and it seems like it could need reapplication it really doesn't. Point is I would buy this this again it is well worth the money and yes I have before and do currently own all of Wilson's other lubricants.