6.8 SPC | 95GR, BARNES TTSX, 2600 FPS - 16" BARREL, 20/BOX

6.8 SPC | 95GR, BARNES TTSX, 2600 FPS - 16
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Caliber: 6.8 SPC (SPC II Chambers Only)
Bullet: 95 gr. Barnes Tipped Triple Shock X Bullet (TTSX)
Velocity: 2600 fps
Muzzle Energy: 1426 ft-lbs.
Test Barrel Length: 16"
Quantity Per Box: 20
Quantity Per Case: 10 Boxes (200 rds.)


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Quality ammo
This ammo shoots great and is lethal on whitetails and hogs . I’ve tried several different brands and this is the most accurate ammo I’ve found . When you open a box you can see this is quality ammo .
Awesome ammo
This is the best round for the 6.8 very accurate round and hits hard out of my psa 6.8 upper
Accurate is an understatement
I built my 6.8 with a Wilson Combat match barrel. At 100 yards im putting bullets in the same hole. This is some of the most accurate ammunition Ive ever shot! You wont be disappointed!
Best deer round for 6.8
Very consistent loading, very accurate and dropped a doe this year. Wish Wilson still loaded the hotter version. The .300 blackout load from Wilson is nice also.
Another 1 shot kill
I previously reviewed the 6.8 SPC 95 Grain, TTSX on a 2014 post. see below. Well I did it again this year--only the deer was an Idaho whitetail, range 215 yards. 1 shot. Dead deer. This is some potent ammo. I was using the WC factory ammo that came at a higher muzzle velocity of 2850 FPS from a batch I purchased 2 years ago. The current WC ammo production reduces the mv to 2600 from a 16 barrel. Still good stuff Im betting.
I built a 6.8 with an 18 Bison recon on Spikes receivers. I had mixed results with groups, and I had shot the Doubletap 95gr TTSX loads, Federal Fusions and American Eagle FMJ. The overall length differed bullet to bullet with the Doubletap TTSX loads. They shot maybe 1.5 to 2 inch groups. I got a box of these from Wilson and obviously checked the COAL first, very consistent. Finally hit the range and was almost in disbelief the first time I sent three down range. 1/4 minute group @100 yards. Needless to say, Ive got two more boxes on order. Thanks Wilson! I dont reload yet so I have to stick with factory loads for now, and these are it.
One shot kill!
I recently hunted blacktail in Californias redwoods and bagged a nice 3 1/2 year old, heavy horned forky. 1 shot, 113 yards, the animal dropped dead in his tracks and never heard the shot. We recovered the perfectly mushroomed bullet on the outside of the opposite shoulder. Wow. It turns the 6.8 into a sizzling 243.
Great bullets/great service
This is by far the best hunting ammo for the 6.8 spc I can find. Devastating on whitetail and hogs. It has proven to be very accurate ammo. Wilson Combat service is second to none. Thanks guys for a great product!
Best Hog and Deer Ammo Ever? 6.8 SPC | 95 gr. Barnes TTSX
This ammo is a force to be reckoned with when hog hunting, accurate enough to aim for behind the ear at 150-200M any day of the week. Took three Montana Whitetail last season at 344M, 367M and 414M according to the rangefinder, two DRT and the last one made it about 8 steps. The only complaint with this ammo is it hasnt been in stock in a while! I have 9 rounds left and rifle season opens in few weeks!
Texas game slayer
What can I say other then.....awsome! This round did a number on a great Texas whitetail at 175 yds and multiple hogs up to 200 lbs. plus. It has knockdown and penetration and hard to beat. I am hooked!!!
Perfect Load
I purchased 5 boxes of this ammunition and it is by far the most complete round my 6.8 has had. The rifle shoots sub inch with other rounds but this is one hole accuracy! I have to order more. This is the one round I can never run out of. Great Job Wilson Combat
Outstanding hunting ammo
I have been using the 95G TTSX since its inception and feel there is no better hunting bullet available for the 6.8 SPC. And Bill Wilson did a LOT of load development with this bullet and was instrumental in its release. This is the only commercial load that takes the 95g TTSX to its potential. .5-.75 groups out of my Wilson Combat 16 lighweight hunter. Deadly on pigs and deer. Charles-TacticalGunReview.com
Hog Buster
I used this excellent load to knock out a hog at 75 yards. I shot him right below the ear and he dropped like a stone- DRT. Excellent hunting load and would work well for personal defense if you needed it.
Performance as Advertized!
This ammunition performs as advertized. I got the following velocities for five shots through my 18 Wilson BBL: 2,821 lowest velocity; 2,872; 2,831; 2,892 highest velocity; 2,845; 2,852 mean velocity. I cant wait to shoot this Wilson Custom Rifle Ammunition on my next pig hunt!
Awesome performance
I have heard a lot of good things about the Barnes 95 grain TTSX and have longed to use them, but since they were only available as components and I had no time to sit at the reloading bench, I longed for a factory load. When WC came out with this, I was stoked... not just because it used the best bullet for 6.8 SPC, but because it was achieving performance akin to what handloaders were getting, in both accuracy and velocity. That is something! I finally got to try it in the field. It was a ranging success. I wrote it up in my blog: <http://blog.hsoi.com/2011/11/17/her-first/> Not just about the hunt experience, but also about the performance of the ammunition and includes pictures. Best thing? My daughter used this ammo to bag her first animal, a fallow deer. Wilson Combat helped make her one happy girl. Unless the circumstances dictate otherwise, this rifle and ammo combo is going to be my go-to combination for the foreseeable future. It generates the proper results.
Amazing accuracy!
This round shows the most consistent accuracy of all the ammo i have tried to date. That combined with the speed and energy specs that equal or better the competition, you cant find better ammo. The only negative is the price, but you really do get what you pay for, excellence.

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