.45 ACP +P | 185GR, BARNES TAC-XP, 1060 FPS - 5" BARREL, 20/BOX

.45 ACP +P | 185GR, BARNES TAC-XP, 1060 FPS - 5
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AGE VERIFICATION REQUIRED FOR PURCHASE: You must be 21 years of age to purchase handgun ammunition and at least 18 years of age to purchase rifle ammunition.  

Ammunition is restricted from sale to CA, DC, IL, MA, NJ, CT, and NY.  For all other locations you must be 21 or older to purchase handgun ammunition.

CA Residents: Ammunition orders must be shipped to a licensed FFL/Ammunition Dealer. Please have a copy of your dealers FFL emailed to [email protected]. Please indicate your order # in the email for quicker processing. WARNING: This product can expose you to chemicals including lead, which are known to the State of California to cause cancer and reproductive harm. For more information go to www.P65Warnings.ca.gov.

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This +P loading delivers the maximum potential of the remarkable Barnes TAC-XP 185 grain solid copper hollowpoint. Generous expansion and penetration with excellent feed reliability is the hallmark of this ammunition. This load is optimized for the 1911 platform.

Caliber: .45 ACP
Bullet: 185 gr. Barnes TAC-XP
Velocity: 1060 fps
Muzzle Energy: 462 ft-lbs.
Test Barrel Length: 5"
Quantity Per Box: 20
Quantity Per Case: 10 Boxes (200 rds.)


Barnes 185 gr. TAC-XP Ballistics Testing

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Accurate, clean, and powerful - what more could you want?
FIrst off, I highly appreciate Wilsons shipping discretion. My ammo arrived in a brown cardboard box simply stating Wilsons on the front --- not Joe Bobs Ammo --- like some other companies. Ammo was packed in a small, black box, with a plastic tray to hold the rounds apart. Out of my 3.3 inch Springfield XD-s, these shot exactly to POA at 10 yards. I was having 2 inch 3 shot groups. Recoil was not bad at all --- youd never know its a .45 ACP +P. Muzzle blast was low in the dim-light range, and residue left in the barrel was minimal. In short, accurate, powerful, clean, great customer service, fast shipping. Would definitely recommend to friends and co-workers
Best accuracy ever
Thought I would try these as possible new defense load. They chrono out at 1045, 5 shots ave. with the best velocity SD of factory loads chronoed to date. The accuracy was spectacular. Best group I have ever had, ever. I was very impressed, the cost is reasonable.
My new carry ammo
I have just finished running through a box of the Wilson Combat 185gr TACXP +P ammunition and found it to be of the highest quality and totally dependable. The rounds functioned flawlessly and the recoil was very managable allowing for fast follow up shots. They are very accurate in my weapons and the bullets I have recovered function, that is expand, as they were designed to do. These rounds are my new self defense/carry ammunition. In the past I have used several different brands of ammunition for these purposes but not any more. Should the time come where I need to use my weapon for self defense I am glad Wilson Combat ammunition will be at my side.
185 gr +p
This ammo is fantastic. I fired two boxes through my 1911 and was very pleased. No FTF or malfunctions of any kind. There is very little flash and recoil making it very quick to shoot. This is my new carry ammo.
Low Recoil
Fantastic ammo, used to use Remington; gave those to my brother [sucker] and bought 3 more boxes of these.
Perfect Self-Defense
In addition to what the previous reviewers have said, this ammo is awesome in that the minimal recoil allows for quick follow-up shots. my new carry ammo as well
My New Carry Ammo
Your Barnes TAC-XP is now my new EDC load. I just tested it against Golden Saber, Cor-Bon, TAP, and Hydra-Shok ammunition. It is extremely accurate, smooth feeding, produced low flash and has surprising low recoil.
No Flash
This in my new carry ammo for my 45acp. Excellent accuracy, top performing bullet, and NO FLASH. I shot a few rounds of the WC ammo, and similar loaded ammo from Corbon after dark and there was no comparision. I noticed almost no flash from the WC ammo, and was stunned by the blinding flash from the Corbon. Wilson ammo has replaced Corbon in my carrygun.

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