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AGE VERIFICATION REQUIRED FOR PURCHASE: You must be 21 years of age to purchase handgun ammunition and at least 18 years of age to purchase rifle ammunition.

Ammunition is restricted from sale to CA, DC, IL, MA, NJ, CT, and NY.  For all other locations you must be 21 or older to purchase handgun ammunition.

CA Residents: Ammunition orders must be shipped to a licensed FFL/Ammunition Dealer. Please have a copy of your dealers FFL emailed to [email protected]. Please indicate your order # in the email for quicker processing. WARNING: This product can expose you to chemicals including lead, which are known to the State of California to cause cancer and reproductive harm. For more information go to www.P65Warnings.ca.gov.

CT Residents: You must present a copy of your valid  CT state issued ID as well as a copy of any of the following three items: long gun permit, pistol permit or ammunition permit. Please email a copy of your ID and permit to [email protected] or fax to 870-545-3310. Please indicate your order # in the email or fax for quicker processing.

IL Residents: You must present a copy of your valid FOID card to purchase ammunition. Please email a copy of your card to [email protected] or fax to 870-545-3310. Please indicate your order # in the email or fax for quicker processing.

NJ Residents: You must present a copy of your valid FPID card to purchase ammunition. Please email a copy of your card to [email protected] or fax to 870-545-3310. Please indicate your order # in the email or fax for quicker processing.

All ammunition is considered hazardous and will be shipped Fedex ground in the contiguous 48 states only to a verified street address. We cannot ship ammunition to HI or AK.  Ground shipping charges will be calculated and added based on Fedex actual rates.

For safety reasons, Ammo Purchases are NOT returnable.

Introducing the new Bill Wilson Signature Jacketed Match load from Wilson Combat Custom Ammunition-Guaranteed Accuracy and Performance

The new Bill Wilson Signature Jacketed Match Load delivers economical match-grade GUARANTEED Accuracy and peerless overall performance to handgun shooters looking for the practical edge over the competition.

The Signature Jacketed Match uses the 230 grain Hornady Action Pistol (HAP) jacketed hollow point bullet-designed for X-Ring accuracy along with ultimate feed reliability. Low-flash, low-concussion powders and the HAP's encapsulated base create less visible blast and smoke during shooting than a typical full-metal-jacket bullet-a great advantage in dim-light or indoor conditions.

At a measured velocity of 760 feet-per-second, the Bill Wilson Signature Match load is the ideal training or competition load for shooters seeking to achieve "Major" power factor without excessive recoil, undue wear and tear on your handgun or impacting your accuracy.

The Signature Jacketed Match .45 load has been extensively tested in 1911 style and other high-performance firearms and is the most accurate 230 grain .45 ACP ammunition available. We guarantee the Bill Wilson Signature Jacketed Match to shoot 25 yard, ten-shot groups through a fixed barrel testing device of under ONE-HALF (1/2) INCH-GUARANTEED.

Caliber: .45 ACP
Bullet: 230 gr. Hornady HAP (Hornady Action Pistol)
Velocity: 760 fps
Muzzle Energy: 295 ft-lbs.
Test Barrel Length: 5"
Quantity Per Box: 5 Boxes of 100 (500 rds.)


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Great ammo
Ordered some of this ammo for my new CQB. Great shooting and cycles without issue. Reloading boxes are a plus.
Wow,,,, just wow,,,
What a significant difference this round makes! Very nice recoil, easy to control. My DIL bought me 100 rounds for Christmas and I used them sparingly until I decided to really test them. After putting 60 down range and seeing the results, I ordered 500 more. Packaging is very nice, 100 round plastic case-guard boxes. They arrived in perfect condition. Re-loaders will love the case- guards but why would you want to re-load after using these rounds. Wilson Combat has had issues with shipping 500 rounds in the past,,, but it appears that that is all over. These are perfect. A very, very impressive round. Well worth the investment.
Top notch ammo
I have bought this ammo several times and have yet to be disappointed. Its the only 45 ACP ammo I shoot now. Wilson does need to figure out a better shipping method. While the order comes double boxed, I still had one 100pak case cracked. Other than that the ammo looks great and shoots even better.
What a difference!
Bought 700 rounds of this stuff to attended the Front Sight 4-day hand gun course. The reason I bought this is to see if there would be a defining deference. Colt 45acp with some upgrades I normally use the Winchester white box from walmart. 600 rounds plus is what you will go through there. used 100 rounds of the Winchester good shot placement. Now here is where these Wilsons rounds made a difference. 3 to 25 yrd shots plus clearing rooms. Loaded up all my mags with Wilson and away I went..Wow!! very little or no smoke, no soot around the end of the barrel and flat on target shots at 25 yrds +..Than the last day. Three steel setup shoot off. two people 10yrd hostage target than two 25 yrd steels Timed too. I out shot the group till the last guy who had done this class four times. Really, I dont think with the less recoil and quality control and Hornady HAP bullet I could have not made these shots...Budda Bing Budda Boom. By the way, I got to shoot a Wilson Tac II A doctor let me do a three round session in exchange for three mags of Wilson 230gr Hornady HAP. Give this stuff a try you wont be disappointed.. I hope Santa brings me a Wilson ˘┐˘
Best Yet
I am so impressed with this load. I had a spinal injury which has caused great problems with my hands and arms. I can shoot this all day and no problems. Accuracy is the absolute best.

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