2021 Wilson CombatŪ Wall Calendar

2021 Wilson CombatŪ Wall Calendar
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The Wilson CombatŪ 2021 wall calendar features high quality photos of some of our unique products covering January thru December 2021 and January 2022. 

Size Closed - 12" wide x 9" tall
Size Open - 12" wide x 18" tall

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Nice Photos!
The calendar itself is made of heavyweight paper which has nice glossy photos of WC weapons. That's the good part. Not so good is how small it is compared to other calendars. The dates are too small to write anything in the squares. Make the whole calendar at least 50% larger and it would easily get 5 stars.
Every day is a good day with Wilson Combat
This calendar is as high quality as you would expect from any WC product. The images are professionally done, which includes a beautiful array WC's firearms ranging from the Protector ARP,AR9 Glock Pistol, Glock customized by WC,SIG/WC WCP320,Glock customized by WC,wXperior Compact, 300 HAM'R Ranger, Custom Supergrade (hand engraved by wayne D' Angelo),X-Tac, CBQ Elites,Beretta by WC Centurion Tactical & Vertec Brigadier Tactical,an amazing Super Sniper finished in White Rip-Tuff Camo,ACP Compact,and of course the legendary EDC X9 series. There are also images of accessories and different caliber bullets tossed about. The paper is High quality and does not bend at the upper corners over time. If you're someone who appreciates the aesthetic value of firearms and sees them as beautiful works of art, this is a must buy before they are gone!